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If we were to fill our vessel with words, what would it say?

A company logo is a symbol of a company's identity and its values. It is the first impression, a visual representation of the company that quickly allows one to differentiate it from another. It instills feelings and influential thoughts universally, regardless of individual familiarity. Yet, it has little to do with the physical drawing, but a great deal with the meaning that that drawing holds. Initially a logo is an empty vessel, but with time meaning is added. It is through customer interactions, first hand experiences, word of mouth, marketing, etc. that associations are made with the company and then carried on by the logo. So, if we were to fill our vessel with words, what would the Dimon "D" logo have to say? To test this out descriptive words written by our customers in their 3rd party GuildQuality reviews were entered into a word cloud generator (a graphical representation of word frequency). Here are the real results:

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