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The Quick & Dirty on Showers

Not everyone chooses to remodel their entire bathroom, sometimes the focus is just on the shower. The shower, being the tallest feature in the room, really has a way to draw the eye and set the feel of the space. In 2020, a large walk-in shower is sure to be a top item on many of our customer's list!

Here are some things to consider when planning a shower project:

- LAYOUT: the majority of home buyers are looking for a walk-in shower and a separate tub; however, many of our customers are choosing to remove their outdated Jacuzzi tub all together to make room for a luxurious his and her shower. Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

- BASE: in general there are three different shower base systems that we install -- the premade base, the custom tile base with stone threshold, and the level entry (curbless) shower system. Among the three are varying design and cost options that are sure to fit your style and budget.

- TILE: there are so many choices when it comes to tile from the material, to the color, size, finish; the pattern or layout technique; will there be an accent tile; and what effect will the grout have -- bold or neutral? (don't worry we're here to help if you're beginning to feel overwhelmed) Regardless of your final selection rest assured that it will be properly installed over a waterproof backer board, and finished with a mold and mildew resistant color matched caulk.

- ENCLOSURE: glass allows for a traditionally small space, to feel open and spacious. Depending on your layout, swap your curtain and rod with a sliding glass or swing door (frame/frameless); a stationary glass panel or glass knee wall; perhaps no enclosure at all!

- FIXTURES: more often than not, customers are choosing to install shower heads with handheld showers, dual shower heads, rainhead showers, and occasionally body sprays. It might come to your surprise that all above mentioned are available in low-flow options, offering the same experience, style, and finish options; all while conserving water and saving you money. Much innovation and improvement has been made regarding eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, so no longer does less water mean less pressure.

- ACCESSORIES: We've installed many tile over niches and stone corner shelves in the past, but this year we look forward to incorporating the stone shower ledge (trending now!)

Every project is unique to you, so if there is something that wasn't mentioned, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts!

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