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What is your home in need of? Repair. Renovation. Remodel.

While these words are oftentimes used interchangeably, from a construction perspective each term holds key information in identifying the intentions of your project. Take a moment to think about a project you've had in mind for a while, or perhaps something you just now thought up. As you read on, note which most describes your project.

Home Repair -- Does it need to be fixed?

A common question I hear is, "Do you do repair work?" or "Does your company take on small projects?"... and the answer is YES! Dimon Construction happily takes on this type of work, because we understand the importance of maintaining a home. No matter the job, large or small, the same level of detail and quality still apply. When it comes to repairs, it's always a good idea to call sooner rather than later because sometimes there can be a deeper underlying problem. Our men are highly qualified to assess each situation and determine the proper solution for your home.

Renovation -- Like the space, but need a new look?

If you're home meets all of your needs, but just isn't aesthetically appealing anymore, it might be time for a renovation. Implementing changes to your home, big or little, can truly make a world of difference. We've had customers call for a fresh coat of paint, built-in shelving, new doors, energy efficient lighting, flooring replacement (carpet, lvt, hardwood, tile, etc.), and the list goes on... There are so many options when it comes to renovating, which allows you to express your style and create the ideal feel for your home. And if time is a concern, some options can be completed in a day, three days, or less than a week. The pieces described above truly made a difference to the whole and more importantly to the way each customer felt about their newly improved home. But you don't have to stop there, nearly every part of the home can be renovated. Examples of full renovations include completely removing and replacing kitchens, bathrooms, porches, etc. -- out with the old, and in with the new!

Remodel -- It's just not functional?

Closed floor plans offer intimate, quite spaces, where as open floor plans offer light, open spaces. Although the comfort of your home is completely personal preference, the upcoming trend is a "happy medium" between the two plans; a hybrid plan to maximize the advantages of both. With most houses in Upstate New York built before the 21st century, typically our customers are still looking to remove walls and rearrange layouts to create bright and spacious environments. When you open your mind to remodeling, the possibilities are endless. As a remodeler, we believe that it is important to create a plan that will meet your needs and desires, and in a way that will seamlessly flow into the existing. If there simply isn't enough room, additions are another option. In most cases, remodeling projects are not the quickest or the cheapest, but in the end the added value to your home and transformation to the space that is both practical and pleasing will prove to be advantageous for many years.

No matter what your home needs, we're here when you're ready!


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